GS Rubber Industries, LLC
104 Anawan Street, Fall River MA 02721
Tel: 508-672-0742 Fax: 508-672-6121

 ISO 9001-2008 Certified Since 2000


   GS Rubber Industries LLC was established in 1993 to provide the rubber industry and its  users with high precision elastomer products. We understand the importance of bringing you, our customers, the highest level of quality for the lowest cost possible. Our method of doing so is simple, with the reduction / elimination of rejects and scrap we are able to manufacture at a very efficient rate allowing us to pass on the savings to you.

    Our engineering staff has developed and implemented a fully computerized control center. Which we believe puts GSR in a category all by itself in the field of compression and transfer molding of elastomeric compounds. Bringing to your products the control and monitoring of critical product and process factors without the added high cost of labor.

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